Cooperheat Services

Turnkey heat-treatment services to meet your process needs precisely

Stork product line Cooperheat Services is a world leader in the provision of integrated heat-treatment services across a broad range of industries and applications. From the development of an initial concept to the completion of the process and handover, we provide a turnkey service for the full range of heat-treatment applications. 

How we add value:

  • Safety First
  • Experienced engineers to offer the most appropriate heat treatment solution
  • Custom configurations developed for your specific requirements
  • Fully engineered solutions – especially where stability may be of concern.
  • Turnkey service for a full range of heat-treatment applications
  • Compliance with applicable codes and specifications
  • Global resources to offer rapid response

All our heat-treatment services are designed to minimise downtime, improve structural integrity and enhance effective plant life. Additionally, depending on the mobility of the required equipment, many of our heating processes can be carried out on-site or at your facility.
Cooperheat Services has developed a great deal of expertise in providing support to across a broad range of industries, including Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Nuclear, Aerospace, to name but a few. In many cases, heat treatment requirements can be complex, and have potentially serious implications if not properly engineered, and planned accordingly. We have decades of experience in providing heat treatment services. The heat treatment service operations are supported by a team of in-house professional engineers, with a number of key capabilities including finite element analysis, and 3D-CAD software at their disposal.

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