Heat Treatment Services

heat treatment services

Leading innovators in thermal technology

Stork Cooperheat provide a full range of heat treatment services onsite or at our facility in Southport (UK). With global resources including an extensive range of heat treatment equipment as well as over 400 experienced heat treatment technicians, Stork Cooperheat are leading innovators in thermal technology.

We have established a reputation in design and engineering solutions to meet the needs of of the Oil & Gas, Power & Chemical industries.

Stork Cooperheat has established a reputation in thermal technology design and engineering excellence for petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas and power industries. Our global footprint has generated a wealth of experience and today an international network of operations makes Stork Cooperheat the world’s largest specialist heat treatment company.

Located in the UK, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, we design and develop heat treatment solutions as well as offering turnkey project management, consultancy and training services to support:

  • Pre-heat and post weld requirements
  • Vessel heat treatment
  • Electrical heat treatment
  • Combustion heat treatment
  • Furnace & temporary furnaces  
  • Refactory dry-outs
  • Customised solutions
  • Induction heat treatment
  • Offshore heat treatment
  • Glass industry requirements

How we add value

Tailored solutions

Turnkey service for a full range of fully engineered heat treatment services and solutions.

Rapid response

Global resources ensure rapid response to challenges with fast and effective services.

In-house expertise

Access to in-house experts and experienced heat treatment engineers and technicians.

Improved integrity

Improved structural integrity of plant and asset life, with reduced overall costs.

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