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Cooperheat has evolved


Innovators in thermal technology since 1958

The Cooperheat brand has evolved over the years as an integral part of Stork, however its historical identity continues to resonate with our clients, providing the reassurance that they are in safe, capable hands. 

For this reason, the next generation of Stork’s heat treatment business line has been reinvigorated through the reintroduction of the Cooperheat name throughout our global operations. It will be business as normal, under the refreshed banner of Cooperheat. 

Cooperheat Heat Treatment Logo

The home of heat treatment

Cooperheat’s experienced team of designers and engineers are dedicated to solving thermal technology challenges anywhere in the world; whether it be through our unique product designs, the manufacturing of bespoke ovens and furnaces or onsite services and project management.

Our experts work to the highest standards of quality and technology to ensure that problems are solved and challenges overcome safely and cost effectively.

Our core offering includes:

  • Heat treatment design
  • Consultancy
  • Onsite services
  • Project management
  • Equipment Rental
  • Manufacturing of bespoke furnaces and ovens
  • Training


Stork offers its full range of Cooperheat branded products to all international markets with the exception of the USA, for which the products offered are specifically Stork branded. Both the Cooperheat and Stork branded products are identical in all respects other than the naming plates (if fitted) and this is purely a compliance and regulatory requirement. Please contact your local Stork contact if you have any specific queries regarding this.