Gearbox refurbishment for sunken "Mighty Servant 3" 

Semi submersible vessel "Mighty Servant 3" sank off the port of Luanda (Angola), after the offloading of drilling platform "Aleutian Key" in december 2006. The vessel was resting at the sea bottom in approximately 52 meters of water! SMIT Salvage was contracted to salvage the "Mighty Servant 3" in order to give her a second life.

The heavy transport vessel was transported to Cape Town. A tug was contracted to tow the Mighty Servant 3 from Cape Town to the Bahamas for repairs. The renovation of the Mighty Servant 3 will be completed at the end of 2008.

Grand Bahama Shipyard Ltd. contracted Stork Gears & Services for refurbishment of the propulsion gearboxes, which were heavily damaged and rusted. The internals of the gearbox were in bad condition, which is mainly caused by salt water which corroded the surface of the internals. Besides gearbox repair, the project involved onboard visual inspections in order to determine the condition of the gearbox housing. For a brief impression of the project, please view the photogallery below.


Location    Bahamas
Market segment Heavy transport vessels
Customer Grand Bahama Shipyard Ltd.
Gearbox details Lohmann & Stolterfoht, type GVA 1250 SO
2x3100 kW
890 / 150 RPM
Scope of work Onboard visual inspections
Complete gearbox refurbishment


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