Flange management - major North Sea operator

Stork delivers significant savings with leak free TAR


Stork was contracted by a major North Sea operator to provide full flange management services for 852 flanged joints during a 60 day turnaround (TAR) campaign. The challenge was to complete the campaign incident free, target zero leaks on N2 (nitrogen) testing, avoid any costly re-tests and ensure start-up in line with the planned schedule.


Stork’s Onsite Machining & Bolting team took 100% ownership and accountability for all disturbed joints. To address the challenges competently, all Stork technicians involved in the TAR attended an internal half day training course on ‘Behavioural Changes in Flange Inspection & Assembly Techniques’. The course reinforced the core principles of flanged joint accountability and encouraged individual ownership at every stage of the project, including applying lessons learned from previous campaigns.

Using a robust procedure, controlled bolting equipment, in-situ flange facing machines, applying the core principles of a leak free TAR, and taking a fresh approach to recording the flange face condition was paramount in achieving the desired results.

By instilling ownership in all of the technicians involved, using a proven and effective flange management procedure and applying a ‘right first time’ approach, no costly N2 re-tests were required.

Client benefits

  • First leak free TAR for the Operator, which delivered substantial costs savings no N2 re-tests were required
  • Platform was back in production on schedule
  • Multi-skilled personnel reducing POB (personnel on board)
  • Project was completed on time, within budget, no incidents to personnel or harm to the environment

Project fast-facts

Project TAR flange management
Client Major operator
Location North Sea
Services Machining and bolting services, including controlled bolting and in-situ flange facing
Date 2015
Contact Gary Morrison, Product Line Manager, Mechanical, Stork - gary.morrison@stork.com
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