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10 July 2018

The Long-Term Asset Replacement Plan – What is it and what is it used for?

Insufficient control over capex? Unexpected major expenses? The sentence: “that will definitely last another 10 years?” These are all good reasons to consider preparing a Long-Term Asset Replacement Plan (LTARP).

08 February 2018

Key issues in (Physical) Asset Management

Managing physical assets is about dealing with risks over the lifecycle of assets. However Asset Management is often misunderstood: not realizing that it is also a way of thinking that involves the organization and business as a whole.

11 December 2017

Earth is our most important asset!

From an asset management perspective, we can argue that the earth is our most important asset and should therefore be carefully managed. Good stewardship is expected of asset managers, and the task at hand is taking good care of the earth.

08 December 2017

From Service Provider to Asset Manager

In 2016, Istimewa called on the consultants from Stork Asset Management Technology to help them further professionalize their own asset management. The Stork consultants help to develop another way of thinking and working.

17 November 2017

Scrumming in Industry - Let’s Play Ball!

Is the scrum method only suitable for IT projects? Our experience is that industries can achieve better results through this form of collaboration.

30 October 2017

Synergy between Reliability-Centered Maintenance and Root Cause Analysis

Which would you prefer: Prevention or Cure? Preventing equipment from failing is obviously a good thing. But we cannot predict everything. The best preventative efforts still fail sometimes. Wouldn't that suggest that the better answer would be “Cure!"?

21 September 2017

Proud of our Knowledge

At Stork Asset Management Solutions we aim to make knowledge, which is critical to the services that we provide, accessible. This includes both explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge. In practice, we are talking about knowledge bases and knowledge owners.

19 September 2017

“Aging” and BRZO: more than just the hardware!

The majority of the facilities in the (petro)chemical industry in the Netherlands have been operating for many years. Many of them could be categorized as relatively old - “aging” - facilities, which could give an increased risk to the occurrence of accidents.

31 July 2017

How do I choose the best CMMS software fit?

Selecting a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)-supporting system is one of the most challenging projects for a maintenance or operational organization.

19 June 2017

From reactive to planned maintenance - Practical Experience

Over the past years, I have worked for various companies that, after years of carrying out reactive maintenance, wanted to take the step forward to performing maintenance at a planned level.