Knowledge Mgmt in Shutdowns & Turnarounds

Knowledge Mgmt in Shutdowns & Turnarounds

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An expert view on Shutdown Management

Learn about shutdown management with shutdown process steps, influencing factors and strategies with which shutdowns can potentially achieve long term cost optimization.

Shutdown scope management is an important area when it comes to minimizing the total life span costs of industrial installations. The scope of a shutdown includes all work to be carried out during the shutdown.

Scope management focuses on the strategic aspects that span multiple shutdowns, rather than on the preparation, implementation and evaluation of a single shutdown.

This book provides an overview of shutdown process steps, influencing factors, such as company policy, technological innovation, societal trends and market developments - and the strategies with which shutdowns can potentially achieve cost optimization in the longer term.

The contents of this book are based on research of the literature, as well as the input of project partners Akzo-Nobel, Bosch-Rexroth, Essent, Gasunie, NedTrain, Stork and the University of Twente.


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  • Shutdown management
  • Basis of scope management
  • The shutdown and its environment
  • Strategies for Shutdowns
  • Shutdown management and strategy
  • Bibliography
  • Authors
  • Acknowledgements