Whitepaper: A field proven vision on asset management

Whitepaper: A field proven vision on asset management

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Asset Management in Industrial Environments

The term ‘asset management’ is being used more and more in the industry. But the concept is still defined and interpreted in many different ways. What does a company consider asset management to be? Does it refer to the management of its whole asset portfolio, or simply to the lubrication of a pump?

This whitepaper provides Stork Asset Management Solutions’ field-proven vision on asset management. A vision which was gradually refined through Stork’s realization of projects for different companies in different industries. 

This document is intended to provide ideas, models and structures to our customers and to asset-driven companies, in order to help them become – or continue to be – outstanding, world-class enterprises, now and in the future.

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  • The evolution from maintenance execution to asset management
  • The asset management concept
  • The asset management 3D scope
  • Asset management model
  • Asset management organizational structure
  • Implementation of an asset management system