Safety is a core value

Safety is not a priority at Stork, it’s our first core value. Whatever priorities we have each day, taking care of each other’s safety, health and protecting the environment is central to how we do things.

REACH Beyond Zero is our global HSE platform to help us turn our core value into a day-to-day reality. It is our aspirational vision for HSE. ‘Zero’ because we believe that incidents are not inevitable, they are preventable. 

By working together, we can create a future at Stork that is free of incidents. ‘REACH Beyond’ because we are always pushing ourselves to go further, to continuously improve our HSE performance. Through REACH Beyond Zero, we all benefit.

There are six building blocks that help us REACH Beyond Zero:

People create safety

Recognizing that it is our behaviors and attitudes that make the difference. At Stork, we have well developed behavioral safety programs, leadership training, recognition and awards to ensure we are all skilled and motivated to be safe.

Global standards, local ownership

Setting out our expectations for HSE across the Stork business, with global consistency where it makes sense, whilst making the most of the expertise and diversity of our local teams. Global standards include our minimum safety expectations for all tasks that are described in our 10 Life-saving rules.

HSE intelligence

Using the experience and knowledge of 18,000 employees worldwide to help direct our HSE activities. This includes looking out for new risks in the work environment. Reporting hazards, near misses and events and analyzing these events for trends. We use leading indicators to measure the effectiveness of our risk prevention measures.

Adding client HSE value

As a global leader in operations & maintenance, we bring a wealth of expertise in HSE to our clients. At every client location, it is our aim to exceed our clients HSE expectations and be an active partner in improving our clients HSE performance.

Strong HSE function

Stork has a global network of HSE professionals who support our operations teams in delivering safe operations. This global function ensures that we always have the capability to succeed in HSE.

Learning and innovating 

Central to our REACH Beyond Zero vision are the opportunities to apply learning from our own incidents and those that occur within wider industries. At Stork, we are continuously scanning the market for innovations that may help us reduce our HSE risks.

At Stork, we aim to be the industry reference for HSE. Every day, everywhere.