About REACH Beyond Zero

About REACH Beyond Zero


Stork is fully committed to being recognized as a world leader in HSE, every day, everywhere. REACH Beyond Zero will help us achieve this goal.

REACH Beyond Zero is our HSE vision to engage and motivate all Stork employees to challenge themselves, to think and do more to continuously improve our HSE culture and performance.  As an organization we REACH Beyond Zero by functioning as one team, with shared core values and behaviours, driving action to transform our HSE culture and performance.

The REACH Beyond Zero vision is our catalyst to impact mindsets, provide direction and to stimulate action for positive and lasting change at Stork.

Led by our culture and based on our innovative programs, REACH Beyond Zero adds value for our clients by constantly:

  • Engaging with and positively impacting their HSE culture
  • Improving and supporting excellence in HSE performance on their assets
  • Facilitating transparent HSE reporting
  • Enhancing communication through training, sharing information, lessons learned, best practices and alerts
  • Leading topical debate, discussion and knowledge-sharing

Three key components


REACH Beyond Zero is a brand which connects all communications and activities to raise visibility and strengthen the program.


Our rolling 3 Year REACH Beyond Zero Road Map defines a measurable program of activities to provide direction and to actively engage, motivate and empower all of our personnel at every level and location.


Aligned with the Stork Core Values of Safety, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence and Client Focus our ambition is to continuously reinforce the strength and resilience of our culture through five key behaviors which are shared and demonstrated by each one of us in the way we live our lives and do our work every day, everywhere - Visibility, Authenticity, Leadership, Understanding and Engagement.