Safer Together Annual Awards Europe

Safer Together Annual Awards Europe

At our Safer Together Annual Awards (formerly REACH Beyond Zero Awards), we pay tribute to individual employees and teams who have made a positive contribution to our safety culture and performance over the past year.
Do you know a colleague or a team that deserves recognition for excellent HSE performance?
Then nominate them for one of the Safer Together Annual Awards!

Last year, we awarded winners for 6 different categories.
This year we keep it simple as we are looking for individuals and teams:

An individual

An employee who performs excellently in the field of HSE. This includes, for example, demonstrating exemplary HSE-behavior on a daily basis, identifying and intervening in potentially dangerous situations, or developing and introducing a new working method or innovation that has a positive influence on Stork's HSE performance.

A team

A team who has achieved excellent Health, Safety or Environment results, demonstrated a culture of care for those within the team and proactively contributes to a positive safety culture within Stork.

Just tell us...
- Who you are nominating
- What they are being nominated for
- Why they deserve to be nominated
...we’ll do the rest.

Any Stork employee, team or site can be nominated

Nominate now!

All nominations must be submitted by September 17th. If you have any questions about this, please email or contact your manager.