Safe driving

Safe driving

Road traffic incidents are one of the leading causes of death globally, with more than 1.3million deaths in 2011 according to the World Health Organisation.

Most of us, whether office or site based, are exposed to this type of risk at some point whilst travelling to, from or for work.

This campaign sets out some simple steps and useful tips to follow to help you stay safe on the road.

Download the handout to find out more...


REACH_Safe_driving_handout Safe driving - safety campaign 133 KB Download
TT_safe_driving Safe driving - campaign handout (T&T 2015 version) 1 MB Download
Safe_driving_poster Safe driving - campaign poster 174 KB Download
REACH_Safe_driving_campaign_A4_handout_NL (NL) Veilig rijden 132 KB Download
REACH_Safe_driving_handout_DE (DE) Sicheres Fahren 136 KB Download
REACH_Safe_driving_handout_FR (FR) CONDUITE SÛRE 134 KB Download
REACH_Safe_driving_handout_LISTO (ES) Seguridad vial 462 KB Download
REACH_Safe_driving_campaign_A4_handout_AZ (AZ) Təhlükəsiz idarəetmə 169 KB Download
Safe driving - safety campaign Download
Safe driving - campaign handout (T&T 2015 version) Download
Safe driving - campaign poster Download
(NL) Veilig rijden Download
(DE) Sicheres Fahren Download
(ES) Seguridad vial Download
(AZ) Təhlükəsiz idarəetmə Download