Annual Safety Awards: Nominee profile - George Hernandez, USA

George Hernandez, Fabric Maintenance Supervisor, USA is shortlisted for the REACH Beyond Zero Award for Incident Prevention. We grabbed five minutes with George as he took time out from filming to ask him about his nomination and commitment to safety. Follow the link to see what George had to say...

What is your name and role at Stork?

George Hernandez, Fabric Maintenance Supervisor and i'm based in the USA.

What are you shortlisted for and why?

I was shortlisted for the REACH Beyond Zero Award for Incident Prevention after I stopped a job to get my co-worker medical assistance due to a heart attack.

How did you feel once you discovered you were shortlisted?

I was surprised and grateful to be chosen from our employee community across the globe to make the shortlist.

What does safety mean to you and your team at the worksite?

Safety is No.1 to myself and my crew. Safety is always talked about and practiced on a daily basis on our worksites.

How does safety affect our overall operational performance?

All of our deepwater asset work that we have has been acquired due to our excellent safety record.  Having an excellent safety program and practices like REACH Beyond Zero means we are able to increase productivity onsite and gain future work as well.

How much affect do you think REACH Beyond Zero has on safety performance?

I believe REACH Beyond Zero improves the crew’s overall performance.  It aids us in increasing our employees’ awareness of safety hazards and issues that arise on a daily basis.

George Hernandez, Fabric Maintenance Supervisor, USA