Callum Gibson receives Silver REACH Beyond Zero Recognition Award

A memo from Steven Law, HSSEQ Director - UK & Africa

I am pleased to announce that Callum Gibson has been awarded a Silver REACH Beyond Zero Recognition Award, for taking it upon himself to research and suggest a simple yet effective eye wash dispensing method.

Following a number of eye incidents in which personnel got liquid/debris in their eyes, Rope Access Technician, Callum Gibson, researched and identified a simple eye wash dispenser; the Eyepod sachet, which can be used at any location and is easily carried by an individual. 

The initial suggestion related to the use of these sachets by Rope Access and Scaffold personnel whilst working at height by having them in their coverall pocket. The sachets are not intended to replace professional treatment, but they would provide an initial eye wash until an eyewash bottle could be used and treatment administered by a medic.

Following a review of this suggestion by the Brent Delta Platform Management it is being adopted across the platform with all personnel being issued with sachets. 

Callum’s contribution is highly valued and sets a great example to our colleagues of how they too can take a proactive approach to reinforcing the importance of safety.

This REACH Beyond Zero Recognition Awards recognise excellent safety performance and outstanding efforts to improve Stork’s culture and working practices. 

All Stork personnel are eligible for nomination in this scheme and I would encourage you all to recognise your colleague’s efforts and achievements.  Please visit the REACH Beyond Zero website to for more information on how to nominate your colleagues for Bronze, Silver and Gold awards (