Coming soon: REACH Beyond Zero life-saving rules

At Stork, we are committed to helping ensure that all employees go home safe at the end of each day or shift.

We want our colleagues to be able to enjoy their lives, do the things they love and be there for their family, friends and loved ones. We are launching ten REACH Beyond Zero life-saving rules to help us achieve this.

The life-saving rules come from collective industry learning and from analysis of experiences and activities which injure our colleagues. They provide a clear framework and guidance for safety-critical tasks that we carry out day-to-day. The rules are an indicator of what can hurt us the most, so that taking extra care becomes instinctive, turning our life-saving rules into our life-saving reflexes.

The life-saving rules will be launched globally across Stork in January 2017, with related training to follow.

More information on the life-saving rules will be communicated in the coming weeks. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact your local HSSEQ representative or email

Ann McGregor, VP – Corporate HSSEQ