Energy Voice discusses obesity in the offshore industry

On February 20 the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) set out a number of requirements for the UK helicopter firms operating offshore travel for the energy industry, to increase flight safety.

The measures, based on a review of the August 23, 2013 Super Puma ditching, also included a ban on flights for workers who could not fit through a helicopter safety hatch in full safety gear, effective from April 1, 2015.

The requirement was introduced “both for their own safety and to ensure that no one blocks the exit for others,” the CAA told Energy Voice, adding it was aware of existing studies into the size and shape of offshore workforce.

But why is this topic under scrutiny of one of the UK’s leading universities – and is the offshore workers’ size a realistic safety issue?

Energy Voice investigates in their latest documentary: Obesity Offshore.

Please click here to view.

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