Heat Treatment Technician wins gold REACH Beyond Zero Recognition Award

Stephen Brown, who is a Heat Treatment Technician working in the UK, was awarded a gold REACH Beyond Zero Recognition Award for successfully challenging a client on an unsafe workscope. Follow the link to find out more.

A memo from Steven Law, HSSEQ Director - UK & Africa

Congratulations to Stephen Brown, Heat Treatment Technician, on his gold REACH Beyond Zero recognition award. The REACH Beyond Zero Recognition awards have been established to recognise excellent safety performance and outstanding efforts to improve Stork’s safety culture and working practices.

Stephen met the gold criteria through the following:

Despite repeated pressure from the client manager to carry out a pre-heat on-board an asset, Steve refused to do so on the grounds that to proceed would have been hazardous.


  • The client wanted to pre-heat to 600C a pipe 16 inch dia. with 40mm wall thickness but the tarpaulin forming the habitat was only 4 to 6 inches away from this pipe.
  • Steve explained that the radiant heat would likely cause the tarpaulin to combust.
  • He highlighted that the red tarpaulin used on the habitats is a superior grade to the blue that was used in this case.

The safe house habitat technicians were sent back to the beach after it was completed. The habitat is being relocated and a fire blanket added to its construction as a result of Steve’s actions.

All Stork employees are eligible for nomination in this scheme and I would encourage you all to recognise your colleague’s efforts and achievements. 

Please visit the REACH Beyond Zero website for more information on how to nominate your colleagues for Bronze, Silver and Gold awards (www.reachsafety.com/reach-awards/recognition-awards).