Helicopter Business Continuity Team - a memo from Erik-Jan Bijvank, SVP (UK & Africa)

Over the last three weeks since the helicopter incident near Shetland, our teams have worked closely with you to ensure your safety and comfort with the developments in your daily travel. I would like to thank all of you for your continued co-operation, understanding and support during this unsettling period. Unease around transportation for our offshore employees still remain a concern and a top priority for all of us.

We are continuing to monitor any further news and will share updates with you as we receive them; we are equally looking forward to complete resolution of the facts and causes.

Our internal Business Continuity team with representatives from Senior Management, Contracts, Operations and HR will continue to work with operators and industry bodies to establish safe processes for mobilisation and de-mobilisation. This team will continue to meet twice weekly for the next few weeks, as a minimum.

Our transportation phone lines remain open for anybody who may have a query. These can be reached on 01224 796069 (Teresa McCaig) or 01224 796074 (Claire Mooney).

Any further updates will continue to be communicated to all employees to support any developments that occur.

Thanks again for your continued support.



Erik-Jan Bijvank

SVP - UK & Africa