Helicopter Incident - a memo from Erik-Jan Bijvank, SVP (UK & Afrcia)

On Friday 23rd August, a helicopter carrying 18 passengers crashed into the North sea just as it was coming into land on the Shetland Isles. It is with great regret that Stork Technical Services can confirm that one of the four people who died in the helicopter incident, was our colleague, Gary McCrossan, aged 59, of Inverness.

Over the weekend members of the Stork Emergency Response Team (ERT) worked tirelessly with the family, attended briefings with Police Scotland and Industry, and will continue to do so. This includes close liaison with a multi-agency team including operators, industry bodies and all other stakeholders. We are confident that all the necessary immediate steps have been taken, and we can now move forward.

Guided by Step Change in Safety’s Helicopter Safety Steering Group (HSSG) and working with our clients we will establish safe processes for mobilisations and de-mobilisations as a matter of urgency.

We fully appreciate there are significant concerns regarding transportation for our offshore employees and we are doing everything possible to work with the operators regarding modes of transport.

We will do all we can to avoid undue disruption or discomfort, and we ask you to bear with us in this fast developing situation. We ask you to understand that we may not get the perfect arrangements every time.

In order to make sure that we are as effective as possible, we have now started a business continuation  process, where the following key team members are in place:

  • Asset Focal Point; Liaison with contract teams – Lawson Stewart
  • Operational Resourcing Focal Point; Liaison to our Offshore personnel, travel and accommodation partners – John Walker
  • Human Resources Focal Point; – Pauline Brechin

Any further updates will be sent out in due course, and in everything we do we have your safety in mind.

For any queries relating to mobilisations and de-mobilisations please contact:

Teresa McCaig on 01224 796069 or Claire Mooney on 01224 796074

I wish you all the best,

Erik-Jan Bijvank

SVP - UK & Africa