HSEQ performance review - June 2012

Follow the link below to view our performance review for June 2012.

A note from Mike Mann, SVP - Global HSSEQ.

Our global performance review for June shows that, half way through the year, we have maintained a steady performance compared to this time last year.

This tells us that we are not driving safety improvements to the extent that we ought to be – our people are getting hurt and that is unacceptable.

My message to you is simple. None of us go to work thinking that we will sustain an injury or cause an incident. I’d go so far to say that most of us believe that “it’ll never happen to me”.

However, a simple change in our mind-set can make a big difference. Before each and every shift I ask that you pause for a moment to affirm your commitment to getting home safely. Make a pledge to maintain a steady and unwavering focus on safely. Even a momentary lapse in concentration can result in an incident so be vigilant in maintaining your awareness – it will make a difference.

Creating a world class safety culture starts with you. So, let’s improve our safety performance, together.


pdf GLOBAL: HSEQ performance review for June 2012 367 KB Download
pdf UK & AFRICA: HSEQ performance review for June 2012 395 KB Download