HSEQ Performance Review - June 2014

Our statistics this month show that 8 people have been hurt resulting in recordable incidents; three Lost Time Incidents (LTI’s), four Restricted Work Cases (4 RWC’s) and one Medical Treatment Case (MTC). We have also had six High Potential incidents which means that each of these incidents could have resulted in a fatality.

A concerning trend emerging is the incidents that we are having where the risks that caused the injury were not anticipated. These risks could have been foreseen and additional protection measures implemented.

Please pay your part as a safety leader to ensure extra vigilance with the Risk Assessment process and as always intervention is essential if a situation appears unsafe.

Download the June global and regional HSEQ performance reviews to find out more.


pdf Global performance review - June 2014 1 MB Download
pdf Americas performance review - June 2014 320 KB Download
pdf Revisión de HSEQ de Américas - Junio 2014 399 KB Download
pdf Continental Europe HSEQ performance review - June 2014 402 KB Download
pdf HSEQ Prestaties - Juni 2014 - Continentaal Europa 401 KB Download
pdf HSSEQ Leistungsbeurteilung - Juni 2014 - EUROPÄISCHES FESTLAND 405 KB Download
pdf Examen de la performance HSEQ - Juin 2014 - Europe Continentale 406 KB Download
pdf MECAP HSEQ Performance review - June 2014 427 KB Download
pdf SƏTƏMK FƏALİYYƏTİNƏ BAXIŞ İyun 2014-cü il 466 KB Download
pdf UK & Africa HSEQ performance review - June 2014 416 KB Download