HSEQ performance review - March 2014

I am pleased to report that the gradual improvement in our safety performance continued from February through March, with our global TRIF and LTIF rates reducing to 2.74 and 0.77 respectively. This is mirrored across our regional business with almost every region reporting a fall in TRIF and LTIF rates. This is a positive trend and we must work hard to ensure it continues.

In the first quarter of the 2014, spatial awareness and hazard identification have been identified as two areas which require attention. We have experienced a series of incidents which were easily preventable had our colleagues been more aware of their surroundings and properly considered all the risks of the task at hand. While most the incidents were relatively minor, some had the potential to cause serious harm.

Download the global and regional HSEQ performance reviews to find out more.


pdf Global performance review - March 2014 1 MB Download
pdf Americas performance review - March 2014 612 KB Download
pdf Revisión de HSEQ de Américas - Marzo 2014 650 KB Download
pdf Continental Europe HSEQ performance review - March 2014 1 MB Download
pdf HSEQ Prestaties - Maart 2014 - Continentaal Europa 1 MB Download
pdf HSSEQ Leistungsbeurteilung - März 2014 - EUROPÄISCHES FESTLAND 1 MB Download
pdf Examen de la performance HSEQ - Mars 2014 - Europe Continentale 1 MB Download
pdf MECAP HSEQ Performance review - March 2014 677 KB Download
pdf SƏTƏMK FƏALİYYƏTİNƏ BAXIŞ Mart 2014-cü il 717 KB Download
pdf UK & Africa HSEQ performance review - March 2014 714 KB Download