Lesson Learned - Dropped Ratchet Spanner

A scaffold team were erecting a scaffold offshore when during the course of their activities a ratchet spanner dropped on to a lower deck walkway. The crew were using standard Stork tethered tools and the crew member involved indicated that his tools were tethered. 

The crew member removed his belt and laid it on the scaffold in order to go and assist a colleague in obtaining more materials. On doing so, he indicated that the ratchet came loose from the belt and fell through a gap in the scaffold, the tool was still tethered at this time. The tool then disconnected from the tether and fell through the scaffold. During the fall, the tool struck steel work and landed on a walkway two decks down. This area was not barriered as it was deemed that the deck above, which was barriered, would provide sufficient protection. 


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