Lesson learned film with Tim O’Brien - Working at height (Français)

Follow the link below to watch a short lesson learned film with Tim O'Brien regarding safe working at height.

This lesson learned film with Tim O’Brien, scaffolder, is probably the most important video that we have ever made at Stork.

The message that you are about to hear is relevant to all of our offshore employees. The message about the importance of ‘clipping on’ when working at height comes across very strongly and we ask all of you to take some time out to watch this film. Please take this message, and the learnings that you are about to hear from Tim, and apply them every day, consistently. Make sure that the unthinkable doesn’t happen to you.

Hard copy DVDs are also available from our Corporate Communications team, who can be contacted via reach@stork.com or +44 (0)1224 722888.