Lessons Learned

A Stork Scaffolder (Injured Party) hurt their finger while modifying an existing scaffold on an offshore platform. The IP removed a scaffold tube from the scaffold structure and carried it away from the job, for it to be placed in a storage rack. While passing the tube to a colleague, the IP slid the tube across the top of a hand rail.

Whilst doing this, his finger became trapped between the handrail and a scaffold fitting that was still attached to the tube. The fitting had remained on the tube due to it being seized on with corrosion. The IP’s injury resulted in him receiving medical treatment onshore for a torn finger nail.

Subsequently, he was not able to perform his full range of duties as a Scaffolder for several days. Thankfully the IP’s injury was of a minor nature, albeit painful. That said, the incident could have been avoided if the IP properly assessed the hazards, maintained his concentration and exercised better hazard perception; particularly around spatial awareness of his hands and fingers and potential pinch points whilst moving the scaffold material.


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