Lessons Learned - Eye Injury After Grit Blasting

A painter/blaster was part of two man team conducting surface preparation with an IBEX blast unit. The tasks were carried out wearing PPE as per procedure, including a 3M 6800 full-face visor and paper hood, for both the surface preparation and clean up. Dusting down of PPE was conducted throughout the day using the buddy system, until clean-up was complete.

During the shift the painter/blaster felt an item in his eye but after blinking, however felt nothing thereafter so continued with the shift.

Whilst showering following the shift, the painter/blaster felt something in his eye again and upon inspection noted an object, so reported to the medic. The medic numbed the area with anaesthetic and the object was removed with a cotton swab and rinsed. Antibiotics were given to prevent infection.


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