Lessons Learned - Spray Gun Incident

The Injured Party (IP) was part of a Stork work-party of three personnel carrying out a Mascoat spray application to V-1020.  The IP stopped spraying on the gantry platform he was working from and made a decision to descend to the lower level by ladder, whilst carrying a live pressurised spray gun.  During the descent the spray gun was inadvertently activated.  When the IP arrived at the ground level he informed the rest of the work-party that he had injured his finger.  The Stork work-party made a decision to wash the IP’s injured finger in a bucket of water that was available for cleaning equipment prior to him attending the medic.

The medic cleaned the wound, applied a plaster and allowed the IP to return to the worksite to resume duties. Following the end of the shift, the IP noticed some swelling to his finger returned to the medic who advised that he would monitor the situation overnight then make a decision the next day as to whether there was a requirement for him to be medivaced for further treatment. Early the next day, the medic made the decision to send the IP onshore for further examination at ARI.


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