Lessons Learned - Struck on Head by Scaffold Tube

A work party of three was erecting scaffolding in preparation for remedial works to be carried out on a sea water pump. While basing out the scaffolding a ledger tube (base horizontal) was in the process of being connected across to a standard tube (vertical). During this operation the adjacent 16ft standard tube which weighed approximately 21kg, was pulled off balance causing it to topple downwards from its upright position striking a scaffolder on the side of the head.

Please click on the below Lessons Learned to download the document and learn more.  In addition, a short Safety Moment film has been produced to illustrate the incident – please click on the below image to view. 

Fully encourage your teams to host a Safety Meeting whereby the film is shown, a discussion is generated i.e. ‘what would you do differently in this scenario?' and cascade the Lessons Learned.

REACH Beyond Zero is all about communicating effectively with our populations and continually improving upon what we do, so we need you and your teams to tell us what you think of our latest Safety Moment topic. Please send all feedback to REACHBeyondZero@stork.com


pdf Lessons Learned - Struck on Head by Scaffold Tube 421 KB Download
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