Lessons Learned - Unauthorised Scaffold Modification

Two personnel entered a lift to access the offshore installation’s utility leg. They began the descent in the lift to the 101m level. After a very short time there was a loud bang and scraping noise.

The lift continued to descend however the noise remained. The two personnel within the lift became concerned and pressed the emergency stop button. They slid open the lift ceiling and estimated they were somewhere around the 140m level, they then raised the alarm via the leg entry.

The lift was wound back up manually. The scraping and banging noise continued as the lift was being manually wound up. At approximately the 163m level the noise stopped. No one was hurt as a result of this event, but the two individuals within the lift were shaken.

Click on the below link to learn more about the incident investigation findings, what went wrong and lessons learned. Please also remember to download a copy and circulate around your teams, both on and offshore.


pdf Lessons Learned - Unauthorised Scaffold Modification 233 KB Download
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