MASA achieves 1000 days without an LTI at Purificación

MASA, a Stork company, has recorded an important record on health and safety: 1,000 days (almost three years) with no lost time incidents at Petrobras’ Purificación field. Follow the link to find out more.

On 27 April,  MASA, a Stork company, recorded an important record on health and safety: 1,000 days (almost three years) with no lost time incidents at Petrobras’ Purificación field.. That fact shows that our culture of incident prevention is improving.

Everyone contributed to achieve this great result, our workforce make a big effort to perform their tasks in a framework of integrity, respecting people and taking care of the assets of the company and the client. They always try to promote continuous improvement and motivate safe conditions; those are key tools for risk prevention and health promotion.

On 9 May leaders of MASA and Petrobras held an event to recognize the colleagues that had helped to reach this goal.

“For the group of colleagues that works at Purificación field, HSE is a value, not a necessity or a contractual duty. Thanks to the workforce that has achieved this goal, because of them we are here”.

Gabriel Cárdenas, Coordinator O&M, MASA

“1000 days without accidents, achieved by the commitment of everyone is a big goal, because you know clearly in your mind and heart that in your houses someone is waiting for you. Thanks God for this day”.

Rodrigo Carvajal, HSE Supervisor, MASA

“The Purificación team is composed of people that always report hazards, unsafe acts and conditions and take corrective actions on time, that is the value, attitude and behavior that we want to promote”.

“You have the responsibility, commitment and support of MASA to stop any task if you find a job that implies a risk or you consider that some of our colleagues could get injured”.

Gladys González, HSE  Leader, MASA

“Let´s celebrate this goal with our families, who are the pivots of our life”.

“To achieve this goal we have to make daily efforts, every minute we have to be careful remembering that we are in a high risk activity. The tasks we develop deserve all the attention and experience to take the best decisions”.

Mario Ardila, O&M Manager, MASA

“All incidents can be prevented, we have all the tools and we can stop a work, I invite you all to make risk analysis and verify the conditions of the activities.

“Purificación is an example for all our people, I am proud to show an operation like this with more than three years working in a safety way, without accidents, for our clients this means prestige, you should feel proud because this allows our company to continue growing.

“My message is: Let´s keep working as we are doing and better. Let´s verify that our partners are doing everything safely and let’s take care of each other as guardians, let’s call the attention to our customers if it is necessary, always using our values, but please ensure that no one will be injured, once again congratulations!”.

Carlos Lozano, President, MASA