Monthly reviews - September 2011

We continue to deliver strong HSEQ performance and - whilst I congratulate you all on making improvements – we can do better.

We continue to incur low actual and potential incidents. These can be easily avoided simply by following best practice - assessing risks before we start any activity, maintaining an orderly work environment, adhering to REACH Beyond Zero rules and guidelines, and maintaining a steady focus on safety at all times.

September saw the delivery of two important events for RBG – REACH Beyond Zeroing Out to Clients and Time Out for Safety with some of our UK-based supervisors.

Both of these events highlight the importance of teamwork and collaboration with regards to safety. Together, we can learn from our mistakes, share examples of best practice, find solutions to common problems, and support each other in driving HSEQ excellence.

As part of STS, our ambition is to be a world leader in safety. The success of REACH Beyond Zero to-date proves that we have what it takes to achieve this. So, let’s continue improving HSEQ, together.

Download the full review below.


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