REACH Beyond Zero

‘What is it?’ and ‘why is it important?’ are now frequently asked questions.  This interest is welcome and now we hope to answer these questions in brief.  Further information and material will be communicated over the next few weeks.

What is REACH Beyond Zero?

REACH Beyond Zero is our vision to activate all Stork employees to challenge themselves, to reach further, to think and do more to our improve HSEQ culture and performance. 

REACH Beyond Zero is also a brand and a powerful communication platform connecting all HSEQ information and activities.  It is supported by behaviours, plans and measurement to guide our actions in a meaningful way for lasting impact. There are five key behaviours we can demonstrate to encourage everyone to do the right thing – Visibility, Authenticity, Leadership, Understanding and Engagement

REACH Beyond Zero is also supported by our 3 year road map to help us do things right.  This is translated into local HSEQ plans which detail specific activities that you will see and can actively participate in.

Why is it important?

You are Stork’s most important asset and each one of you should be able to go home safely at the end of each day and shift. If you are injured this can impact you, your family and the wider company, all of which is unacceptable.

Simply doing what has been done before in terms of HSEQ will not improve our performance, and will in fact ultimately lead to more of our colleagues being injured at work.

This means we all need to do something.  We need you to participate by thinking and doing more for HSEQ.  REACH Beyond Zero is our call to action.

What can you do to REACH Beyond Zero?

The first global activity to support our vision is the REACH Beyond Zero ‘The Mic’ feedback opportunity.  This is launched on 1 April and requires the participation of everyone to make this a success.

Download the PDFs below to find out more and share with your teams.


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