Hands & Fingers - It Happened To Me

Injuries that involve hands and fingers continue to be the most commonly reported incidents; 32% of all reported injuries in the past 12 months have been related to hands and fingers. In March there were two serious hand and finger injuries and one of your colleagues, Gavin Sutherland, who broke one finger and was off work for 8 weeks would like to share his story with you about what happened to him. The video contained within this campaign is not a repeat of the incident you saw in March; this is Gavin's own story.

We want Gavin's story to highlight that injuries occur because hands are in the wrong place at the wrong time; please don't allow that to happen. You are the key to preventing hand injuries. Always think about hand placement and if you see something that is not right, REPORT IT. The video has been created to ensure that the information is delivered in an engaging and effective way, and above all, delivers the importance of how a hand or finger injury can happen to anyone, at any time.



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