Safety Alert - Bunk Bed Ladders

Recently, two Stork personnel were injured offshore when climbing in and out of bed due to the bunk bed ladders breaking.   

These incidents are a reminder to all personnel to remain aware of potential hazards, both on and off your worksite. Incidents can happen at any time, not just when you are carrying out work.

If you have to use a bunk ladder for access, please treat this as you would treat any other piece of equipment and carry out a check to ensure that it is in good order before you use it.

If you believe that the ladder is damaged or presents a hazard, please inform your supervisor or another appropriate member of staff on the platform.

Be prepared so that in the event that something does happen to the ladder, there are no obstructions near to the bottom, which could hinder you coming off in a quick and safe manner.

Click on the link below to download this safety alert.


pdf Safety Alert - Bunk Bed Ladders 152 KB Download
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