Safety Alert - Eurogrit

We have reason to believe that a batch of Eurogrit, an aluminium silicate (coal slag) blasting cleaning abrasive, commonly used for shot blasting operations, may have become contaminated with Asbestos (chrysotile) fibres. This information has been provided by Eurogrit BV (now known as Sibelco Europe) who have requested a precautionary cessation of use of this product.

Please review your inventory  to determine if there are any traces of this product within our worksites. If it is found, we must ensure that the product is secured in a safe place to prevent further spread. Unopen packages need to remain unopened and please cover any opened packages in accordance with local legislation related to working with Asbestos containing material.

If you believe that you have worked with or are using this specific product of Eurogrit, please immediately inform your supervisor or a member of the HSEQ team.

The Garnet, which is most commonly used offshore for shot blasting operations is a different product and from a different source. This product is safe to continue working with.

For more information, please download this safety alert and share with your teams.


pdf Safety Alert - Eurogrit 188 KB Download
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