Safety Alert - Skin Surveillance

Stork personnel were undergoing a workscope involving hazardous substances and an inspection was carried out on the North Sea installation.

During the course of the inspection, it was established that the Stork Skin Surveillance procedure was not being correctly followed; employees were carrying out skin checks and completing the skin self-check forms, without any oversight or verification from a Skin Responsible Person.

The Skin Surveillance programme is designed to monitor, prevent and diagnose any health effect linked to chemical, biological or physical agents and work activities and to maintain suitable health records for each employee.

A Skin Responsible Person is an individual who has been given training to enable them to identify potential effects on skin so that the employee can quickly be provided with the appropriate medical provision and to ensure that any further controls, as required, can be put in place.

Please download the below Safety Alert and cascade this important message to your teams both on and offshore.


pdf Safety Alert - Skin Surveillance 124 KB Download
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