Safety moment: Mobile phones

Follow the link above to view a short safety message from Bryan Begbie, HSSEQ Corporate Team Lead

A memo from Bryan Begbie, Corporate HSSEQ Team Lead

A number of reports have been raised regarding Stork employees using their mobile phones on stairs, which is non-compliant with our House Rules for safety.

As a reminder, please see our House Rules below. We are each required to follow these rules, which exist to help us work safely and avoid incurring unnecessary injury.

  • Challenge unsafe acts and ensure corrective action is taken
  • Always hold the handrail when on stairs
  • Never use a mobile phone either on the stairs or whilst driving
  • Take responsibility for obstacles or spills within the workplace
  • Take ownership for safety by always reporting accidents or incidents
  • Ask for assistance when carrying a heavy or bulky load
  • Observe and follow all safety signage
  • Use a lid when carrying a hot drink

These rules are applicable to all Stork employees. For more infomration, please visit the REACH Beyond Zero website.