Safety moments

At Stork, all meetings involving five or more people start with a short safety moment. Why? Because world class safety depends upon everyone taking responsibility, sharing knowledge and lessons learned, and promoting best practice in both our working and our personal lives.

Safety moments are simple but powerful, informal but relevant to our lives. They can be either of the following:

  • A conversation starter regarding a safety issue that is relevant to the assembled group (eg, dropped objects, working-at-height, etc);
  • Lessons learned where we use the experience of ourselves or others to enhance our safety awareness (eg, lesson learned with Tim O’Brien - shown below);
  • Sharing knowledge to improve our safety behaviours and practice;
  • Personal experience - a meaningful way to bring safety issues to the fore.

In the video below, Bryan Begbie (Corporate HSSEQ Team Lead) shares some tips on how to deliver an effective safety moment.

We are keen to develop a library of Stork safety moments on this page – from fast facts and powerpoint presentations to short films. If you’d like to share a safety moment on the REACH Beyond Zero website, you can do so by emailing the Corporate Communications team on

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