Safety Summary - August 2016

Collaboration and continued progress is being made across our company to improve our safety performance.  Continued visibility and sharing of our leading indicators is increasing this momentum. 

August proved a challenging month however as four Lost Time Incidents were recorded, all of which resulted in our colleagues receiving fractures to various body parts.

Watch the video message message from Ann McGregor and download the "Safety Soundbite" to find out more.


pdf Global Stork MM&AI "Safety Soundbite" - August 315 KB Download
pdf Asia-Pacific - Safety Summary - August 2016 190 KB Download
pdf EQIN - Overzicht veiligheids prestaties - augustus 2016 194 KB Download
pdf EQIN - Safety Summary - august 2016 187 KB Download
pdf UPDATED - Power Services - Safety Summary - August 2016 222 KB Download
pdf UPDATED - Power Services - Overzicht veiligheids prestaties - Augustus 2016 186 KB Download
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