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A memo from Mike Mann, SVP – Global HSSEQ

Lack of prompt incident reporting is an issue that has come to the attention of the REACH Beyond Zero Steering Group in recent weeks. In accordance with our reporting procedure, I remind you that ALL incidents must be reported immediately and an initial incident report submitted within 24 hours.

Recently, we have had a number of incidents that were not reported promptly, either because our employees felt that they were not of a significant enough nature or they simply did not comply with our operational rules.

In some cases, the full consequences of an incident are not fully understood immediately but in the proceeding days. This can mean that the incident has increased in severity, by which time we have not been able to provide the necessary support or medical care.

Near misses are also incidents and, again, must be reported immediately. These are important lessons learned that may help us to prevent re-occurrence and potential harm.

The reputation of Stork as a safe support partner to our clients is also affected as our transparent reporting system means we have to inform clients if our statistics from previous months change. If this happens on a regular basis it may make clients and potential clients question the safety culture of our operations.

It is therefore imperative that ALL incidents are immediately reported so that we can fully assess the impact upon our people, the environment and equipment, and provide you with the correct and timely support that you may need.

To clarify and re-emphasise our position on incident reporting:

ALL incidents, regardless of the severity or classification, must be reported immediately to your line manager, who has the responsibility to advise senior management.

Given the importance of this message, I ask that you hold a Time Out for Safety to share this memo with your teams.

I thank you for supporting us in our campaign to drive prompt incident reporting at all times.

A short supporting message from Rob van Erp, Stork's HSSEQ Director - Solutions.

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