Slips, Trips and Falls Campaign

Our campaign focuses on the effects that an injury can have on your personal life outside of work, as well as emphasising that better hazard perception and awareness of your surroundings can prevent a slip, trip or fall.   We aim to promote safe and proactive behaviours, to prevent accidents before they have the opportunity to arise.  It’s important we all take time to pause and think before we act.

The theme of this campaign is  ‘Pause. Think.’.  Take time out before starting a new task or continuing an existing one. This could be at the start of the day, a change in shift, a varied work activity or after a break. Has anything changed since I returned to my work site? Are there any hazards around me? Like past campaigns, we are maintaining this theme to ensure you remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings. 

The materials have been created to ensure that the information is delivered in an engaging and effective way, and above all, delivers the importance of how a slip, trip or fall can impact your life.  Please take the time to watch the below video and download the accompanying materials to generate meaninful discussions with your teams; this can be during a time out for safety, a routine safety meeting or a tool box talk.

Thank you for your support in making our workplace a safer place to be.


pdf Slips, Trips & Falls - Posters (A3 & A4) 2 MB Download
pdf Slips, Trips & Falls - Safety Alerts 776 KB Download
pdf Last Minute Safety Check 102 KB Download
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