Stork Group “Safety Soundbite” - April

In April, one of our employees in Australia suffered a serious hand injury which resulted in a partial thumb amputation. This is the second serious hand injury incident this year - another employee whose life has been significantly impacted.

It’s easy for all of us to become complacent in everyday activities, underestimate the inherent hazards and the real impact on our lives. Especially with finger injuries, the risk perception is often low as most injuries can be treated with a band aid or perhaps a small stitch. However, a finger amputation can result in a life alterig event if you cannot use that hand in the same way anymore.

Let’s reset our risk perception and tomorrow take a completely fresh look at that routine task!

What's hurting us?

  • 1 x LTI, 3 x RWC, 2 x MTC, 28 x FAC, 26 x NM, 6 x HiPo - click here for an explanation of our incident abbreviations (eg. RWC, MTC, NM).
  • Colleagues sustained injuries to their hands, fingers, shoulders and ankles.
  • TCIR: 0.57, DART: 0.31, HPIR: 0.27 - click here for an explanation of our lagging indicators.

What are we doing?

HSE Week @ Stork 2017

A number of Stork sites proudly particpated in Fluor's 13th annual HSE week, which ran from 1-5 May.  Stork colleagues across the globe engaged in a variety of activties, workshops, HSE training and presentations demonstrating their authentic commitment to safety.

LIfe-saving rules 'working at height' safety campaign

The next life-saving rules campaign will focus on 'working on height' and will be available in the coming weeks.

REACH Beyond Zero - What can you do?

Nominations open for Annual Awards

The nomination process for the REACH Beyond Zero Annual Awards has begun!

All employees, whether they work in the office or onsite, onshore or offshore, are eligible to nominate or be nominated for an award.

Nominations can be submitted online at and the winners will be announced at regional awards ceremonies on 27 September.


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