Stork Group “Safety Soundbite” - July/August

28 of our colleagues were injured at work during the months of July & August; 3 of these incidents were classified as high potential.  This means that, under different circumstances, 3 colleagues could have potentially sustained life-altering injuries.  We can learn from these events, share findings and collaborate to prevent further incidents from occurring.

What's hurting us?

(July/August 2017)

  • 9 x LTI, 6 x RWC, 13 x MTC, 68 x FAC, 83 x NM, 7 x Hi-Po - click here for an explanation of our incident abbreviations
  • TCIR 0.64, DART 0.36, HPIR 0.25 - click here for an explanation of our lagging indicators

What are we doing?

RBZ HSE Training Program

Developed and launched earlier this year, the RBZ HSE Training Program training program consists of 3 levels rolled out across Senior Leadership (RBZ-1), Operational Leads (RBZ-2), Front-line Supervision (RBZ-3) leadership.

Level 1 training workshops are complete for 2017 and have now covered 250+ personnel in our senior leadership teams.
Level 2 training is also well under way with the Pacific Region expected to be complete by end September and the remaining regions aiming to be complete by year end.
Further details on Levels 2 and 3 training will be shared later in the year.

RBZ Life Saving Rules (LSR) e-Learning Training Program

Starting in September the online e-Learning modules for LSR training will be made available using individual CBT (computer based training) with emails as invitations. There are 10 training modules in all. The initial release will be ready in English, with Dutch, Spanish and German to follow very shortly thereafter. We have set the target to have all employees trained in the coming 6 months.

Contact for further details.

REACH BEYOND ZERO - what can you do?

Download  the Safety Soundbite poster below to share with your teams.


pdf "Safety Soundbite" poster - July/August 2017 2 MB Download
pdf Global incident summary - July/August 2017 113 KB Download