Stork Group “Safety Soundbite” - March

In March, seven of our colleagues were injured at work to the extent that they required more than first aid, and six colleagues were involved in high potential incidents. This has resulted in a concerning upward trend in our Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR).

One colleague was lucky to escape with only a bruise on his foot after a workbench with an unsupported overhang toppled while he was working on a large spool - the outcome could have been much worse! An investigation into this high potential incident is underway and you can click here to view the safety alert.

What's hurting us?

  • 3 x RWC, 4 x MTC, 36 x FAC, 49 x NM, 6 x HiPo - click here for an explanation of our incident abbreviations (e.g. RWC, MTC, NM).
  • The number of near misses reported in March represents a 100% increase on the number reported in January and February combined.
  • Colleagues sustained injuries to their feet, legs, hands and fingers.
  • TCIR: 0.58, DART: 0.32, HPIR: 0.27 - click here for an explanation of our lagging indicators.

What are we doing?

Life-saving rules 'hazardous release' safety campaign

The life-saving rules 'hazardous' safety campaign is now online. Please click here to download the material and share with your teams.

Email if you require the campaign to be translated and/or have the content tailored for your region.


REACH Beyond Zero training for our Supervisors and life-saving rules training for all employees is under development. Information on roll-out and availability of the training will follow in due course.

REACH Beyond Zero - What can you do?

Eleven of the near misses reported so far in 2017 have been of high potential, and could have had life-altering consequences for those involved.

Thankfully, the near misses were reported even though no-one was injured, meaning we could investigate and take corrective action to help prevent these incidents from reoccurring with potentially more serious outcomes.

I ask that you download and share our safety campaign with your teams to help encourage near miss reporting. This is one of the most important actions we can take to keep our people safe.

Click here to view the campaign and please email if you require the campaign to be translated and/or have the content tailored for your region

Please download the poster version of this communication below and share with your teams.


pdf "Safety Soundbite" poster - March 339 KB Download
pdf Global incident summary - March 93 KB Download