Stork Group “Safety Soundbite” November 2017

Since August, we have been seeing a steady improvement on our global safety performance and, whilst not on target with Stork’s company-wide goal, we do look set to finish the year strong.

This could, however, have been very different as several incidents throughout the month of November had the potential to result in multiple serious injuries to colleagues.

It’s essential that we take and share positive learnings from all of these events to understand what can be done differently and ensure preventative measures are put in place.

As we approach the end of 2017 and the Stork Group HSE lead is passed over to Jim McQueenie, let’s look forward to a safe and healthy 2018

Ronan Mooney
VP Corporate HSSEQ (ad. interim)

What's hurting us?

  • 1 x LTI, 2 x RWC, 3 x MTC, 36 x FAC, 28 x NM, 6 x Hi-Po - click here for an explanation of our incident abbreviations
  • TCIR 0.60, DART 0.32, HPIR 0.26 - click here for an explanation of our lagging indicators
  • Click here to download the November recordable and high potential incident overview.







REACH Beyond Zero Life-saving rules (LSRs)

LSR | eLearning

Online training for REACH Beyond Zero Life-saving rules is now available!  Hosted on Stork’s e-Learning platform (also known as Learning Management System or LMS), a training module has been created for each Life-saving rules to provide awareness and understanding on how to stay safe whilst executing high-risk activities. The eLearning modules are available in 4 languages: English, Dutch, German and Spanish, and are mandatory to anyone carrying out work on behalf of Stork.

Regional HSSEQ Leads, with support from HR/LMS focal points, will be communicating local roll-out plans over the coming weeks.

LSR | Safety Campaigns

During 2017, we launched 4 x Life-saving rules safety campaigns: Driving, Hazardous Release, Working at Height and Safe Systems of Work. The campaign materials consist of a double sided handout which should be used to engage with your teams during toolbox talks, safety briefings, site inductions, operations meetings, etc and an A3 poster to display around sites and offices.  All Life-saving rules materials can be accessed anywhere and anytime on LSR section of this website

Look out for the next Life-saving rule safety campaign being launched in January - Equipment & Plant.


What can you do?

During this wonderful time of year we all look forward to coming together with family and friends to enjoy the holidays.  While we look forward to these exciting and joyous events, we cannot let our guard down. We must remain vigilant in staying focused on the task at hand, whether at work or at home.

At work – don’t rush, don’t let complacency set in and don’t lose focus.  Continue to plan, identify and mitigate hazards, inspect equipment before use and intervene if something feels wrong.

At home – there is an increased risk of home fires during this holiday season due to trees and decorations, as well as increased use of fireplaces and candles. Be extra vigilant, do not leave live flames unattended and turn off decorative lights when not in use.

Finally, stress can be a contributing factor to injury or illness at this time of year, so be sure to take care of yourself during this busy time and return to work safely in January.


Contact for further details on any of the above topics.