Timely notification of incidents

A memo from Mark Dryburgh, HSEQ Team Lead for Subsea

Recently we have seen a number of incidents involving Stork Subsea personnel where the individuals have opted to disregard the affair and carry on with their working duties as normal, without notifying the appropriate people.

It is important to remind everyone that quick notification of an incident is vital, so that the appropriate assistance (medical or otherwise) can be given.  Early intervention can help lessen the impact of an incident and potentially change the final outcome.

Where an incident results in a notifiable event, the formal reporting process can begin.  With the information gathered from this investigation, steps can be put in place to avert reoccurrence.

Incidents must be immediately made aware to the appropriate person (Supervisor / Medic) regardless of their nature.

As part of our Operating Rules there is a clear expectation that our people quickly report incidents or unsafe conditions.  We also require that where people witness an incident, to intervene and encourage others to notify the appropriate people.  Ultimately, we expect all Stork personnel to take accountability for their own safety and the safety of their colleagues.

Key Messages:

Communication is key, the importance of quick reporting of incidents is supreme. Make the appropriate people aware that an incident has occurred. Where you witness an incident emerge, intervene and advise those involved to report what has happened. The sooner it’s reported the more likely the consequences of the matter can be resolved. 

A short supporting message from Rob van Erp, Stork's HSSEQ Director - Solutions.