UK & Africa Safety Summary video blog - October

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We have frequently said that there is no success for Stork if we do not work safely. We measure that success on a scorecard, incorporating a number of different measures. They include the number of quality issues we have seen, as well as the number of client commendations. We also look at our commitment to management visits at client sites on- and offshore, as well as monitoring traffic to our REACH Beyond Zero website.

We do all this because we believe that these activities contribute to the development of a robust safety culture, which is firmly focused on transparency and current trends. After all: traditional safety statistics only tell you what has happened before, not what could happen today, tomorrow or next week.

The number of recordable incidents has reduced significantly in 2015 as is evident in a >20% improvement in our statistics. For example, in November last year our TRIF score was 3.53 and our LTIF score was 1.56. In October, our TRIF was 2.84, a 19.5% reduction on last November, and our LTIF was 1.11, a 28.8% improvement on November 2014. Furthermore, October was free of recordable incidents. Writing this in November, we know that this is a fragile balance having suffered a few incidents over the last week or so. Nonetheless, the bigger picture at the moment is one of improvement, so thank you for this.

The REACH Beyond Zero Steering Group was delighted with the feedback received following the Effective Intervention campaign. It was good to see best practice being implemented by our teams, in particular the BG team, who delivered the presentation in their ‘Time out for Safety’ and the Stork team on the Nexen Buzzard, who incorporated the campaign into their weekly Safety Meetings.

I would ask that you actively discuss how we can improve our safety culture and performance in your own teams, and with those teams around you. The incidents we see are totally preventable and we need all of you to keep your working environment and conditions in mind as we strive for a strong finish to 2015. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Erik-Jan Bijvank, EVP - UK & Africa

What's hurting us?

Zero recordable injuries in the month does not equate to zero injury. We still continue to see a number of first aid cases, which, despite being relatively low potential, are a reminder that we cannot afford to become complacent around everyday tasks. 

What are we doing?

The 2016 HSEQ Improvement objectives are almost finalised and will be rolled out to senior management later this month. In the above Safety Summary Video Blog, Steven Law, VP for HSEQ, discusses how what we have learned in 2015 is being incorporated into the planning for 2016.

What can you do?

Continue to engage with and provide feedback on all REACH Beyond Zero initiatives. REACH Beyond Zero is an employee led programme and needs your support to ensure its campaigns are effective in improving our HSEQ culture.

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