USA #SafeSummer16

The US Gulf Coast is no stranger to inclement and severe weather. Aside from the extreme heat and high humidity indexes, we are plagued with thunder storms, tropical storms and hurricanes that leave our homes, workplaces and cities flooded. 

While humid or rainy days are the norm in the Gulf Coast, recently the heat and rain has either increased or worsened. Just last year, we were hit with severe storms that flooded parts of Houston while 2015 marked Earth's hottest summer.

This year, we are taking a more proactive approach by ensuring each of our colleagues and their families are fully aware of the preventive actions they can take to combat against the inclement weather and natural disasters that Mother Nature throws at us.

Download the material below for advice on how you can have a #SafeSummer in 2016.


pdf USA #SafeSummer16 booklet 2 MB Download
pdf Beat the HEAT handout 940 KB Download
pdf Steer clear of flash floods handout 323 KB Download
pdf Hurricane readiness handout 656 KB Download