Focus on innovation and safety by Stork at Offshore Energy show, Amsterdam

Stork had a strong presence at the Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2012, held in Amsterdam on 23 and 24 October. The main focus was on the company’s range of offshore services, with special attention on the Stork stand for the ‘Hot Bolt Clamps’, ‘Composite Tubes’ and ‘REACH Beyond Zero’ safety program.

Key priorities for all Stork’s customers in the Oil & Gas industry are improving safety, optimizing asset performance, reducing emissions, increasing efficiency, reducing risks, improving continuity, maximizing ROI and minimizing downtime.

Innovation and safety
Stork recently started its ‘Hot Bolt Clamps’ system; the first method that allows safe removal and replacement of corroded flange joint bolts during operation. The system has been thoroughly tested in practice, and is now being used successfully on a Chevron platform in the North Sea.

“Corroded and undersize bolts can be a serious threat to uninterrupted operation of production locations. Our innovative Hot Bolt Clamps offer a safe, efficient and cost-effective repair method at the most crucial moments”, says Sander Verkerk, Marketing Manager Netherlands for Stork.
“We are constantly striving to improve the safety and quality of our services. The Hot Bolt Clamps are an excellent example of an innovative Stork development. The system provides significant benefits for our customers, and a lot of interest is also being shown by potential users in industry."

The Composite Tubes, used for example for offshore scaffolding construction, are no less than 75% lighter than steel. That means 200 tons of steelwork can be replaced by just 50 tons of composite. As well as that, unlike steel and aluminium the material is corrosion-free, non-conducting and not subject to electrolytic or galvanic effects. In addition, the high thermal stability of the composite material means it is unaffected by temperature variations.

REACH Beyond Zero is Stork’ global platform to deliver continuous safety. The aim of this platform is to enable technicians, engineers and project leaders to stay in constant dialog with each other about the safety culture in their working environment (

“REACH Beyond Zero helps us to make our safety performance measurable, so that we can continuously improve it at all levels. It also helps us to complete the most complex projects to the highest HSEQ standards, without compromising on quality. It provides us with the practical tools and support that we need as a company to make safety our highest priority”, concludes Sander Verkerk.

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