New Stork safe work in Heights Center

Safety is our most important value; we always look for innovative ways to protect the lives of our employees and customers. On the 30th of November of 2018, we inaugurated a renovated center for safe work in heights training, authorized by the Ministry of Labor, formed as a Vocational Unit of Business Learning (UVAE) and located in the municipality of Hatonuevo in La Guajira, Colombia.

This center of SWH meets all the requirements of Resolution 1409 of 2012. This resolution establishes safety regulations for protection against falls in works at heights and also considers the Resolution 1178 of 2017 in which technical and safety requirements are established for training providers and training in protection against falls in work at heights.

The work center has a nine-meter training tower, ten different exercise stations, and a training room to train our 1200 employees who are exposed to work at heights in Cerrejón contracts.

We are convinced that a quality training process provides extensive knowledge and develops the necessary skills so that our collaborators can make assertive decisions and apply the measures of prevention and protection against falls when they are exposed to work at heights. In this way, we contribute not only to legal compliance, but we also prevent occupational accidents associated with this danger whose consequences are usually very serious or lethal.

Stork is proud to be the only company allied with Cerrejón that has its own UVAE located in La Guajira, which facilitates mobility for our employees, optimizes resources and ensures that all our employees have the annual certification of safe work at heights.

The training center has all the certified equipment necessary for protection against falls, a tower that allows vertical movement exercises for fixed stairs and portable ladders. It also allows training for horizontal displacements, access by strings, displacement in inclined plane, hooking mesh, positioning, vertical rescue and confined spaces.

Likewise, we have safe work trainers in heights with more than six years of experience, certified as level II rescuers, as competent people in system scaffolding, and competent people in inspections of SWH equipment, endorsed by different manufacturers such as: PETZL, DBI SALA, ARSEG, PROTECTA, INSAFE AND MSA.

This project started as a safety initiative to be able to continue protecting our employees while empowering to do so. This inauguration was possible thanks to the teamwork of different partners of Masa and Stork, Cerrejón, ARL Bolívar and our allies and suppliers.

For Stork, the internal and external collaboration is very important, reason why we highlight the trust granted to us by the Ministry of Labor that supported and approved this UVAE initiative. Finally, we thank the National Service of Learning - SENA, Center of Industrial Management, with whom we continuously train and certify employees through an agreement that started in 2010 and continued until August this year. In that period of time we were able to train and certify, through this entity, more than 13,000 employees and acquire the training expertise that we can now provide to all our collaborators.

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